“The hour calls for optimism; we’ll save pessimism for better times.”

French saying

 photo cred: Alicia Panetta

photo cred: Alicia Panetta


My vision is an interconnected world.


I am grateful. Above all else, I am profoundly grateful. I believe in the power of pleasure, light, and grace.

I'm multi-inspired and multi-visionary. I'm a writer and a storyteller. I'm also a yoga and meditation teacher, researcher, editor, and a wine enthusiast.

I work hard, and my work humbles me every day. I know my value. I know my purpose, and I believe in truth.

I'm here to help. My role is to facilitate healing, connection, love, creative work, and action. 

I wrote a book called Grounded. It's looking for its publishing home.


 photo cred: Caroline Lee

photo cred: Caroline Lee


“The good news is that this is something we can actually do. If we choose to, we can build this with our hands. We can get to work and do the things to potentially save ourselves and create something great for the future.”

GROUNDED, pg. 90