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Hiring Erin to support my writing was the smartest thing I could do to finally find my "voice"! I'd been struggling for a couple of years to write copy that didn't sound blah and that really reflected my work. I wanted copy that felt and sounded like me.  Erin's ability to understand and support me, got me writing and actually enjoying it. With equal parts copy-writing, editing and coaching, she challenged me to write copy that sounded like the very best version of me. Now my writing is flowing. I only wish I'd hired Erin years ago!” - Winn Clark, Personal and Business Coach, 


photo cred: Alicia Panetta


I Transform your ideas into content by capturing the essence of your story

I understand your brand and where it's going

I take the time to understand your ideal client

I support you in finally finishing writing projects you’ve been procrastinating on

I feel the value in what you have to share

What do you want to create?


Finally enjoying the process of writing

Feeling excited to share your work with others 

Developing your ideas into deeper content



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