Understanding Wine (for normal people)


Understanding Wine (for normal people)


Hello! This little beauty is designed for people who want to "get" wine and be able to talk about it without sounding lame.

If your hands sweat when it's time to pick up a wine menu, or you've ever ordered a "pinot" and gotten a strange look, you can fix that in about 15 minutes by going over this little sucker that I've created just for you. It costs less than a mediocre bottle of wine and you can use it forever.

You're welcome.

Cheers to you, and please, drink wine. Have fun. Learn something.

Here's what's inside: 

  • The number one most important thing you need to know about wine and what wine tasting is all about
  • How wine tasting works (the basics) i.e. what are all those crazy descriptors about, like tobacco, smoke, gasoline, eh?
  • How to look at, taste, smell, and feel the wine in your mouth
  • A basic rule of thumb about cool climates and warm climates (how climate can affect the wine and how to help narrow down where a wine is from)
  • How this all relates to the major types of grapes (and what they are all about)
  • How to start narrowing down where a wine is from, what grape(s) it's made from, and when it was made, just by sight, smell, taste and feel

For a sneak peek...check out my latest blog about wine here.

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