yoga. craniosacral therapy

urban planning.    sustainable cities.    institutional frameworks.

sustainability best practices.    food systems and urban gardens.

social equity.    affordable housing.

advocacy.    placemaking.   community-building.


teaching. holding space.

qualitative research.    writing.    analysis.    editing.

dot-connecting.    synthesis.    collaboration.

placemaking.    community-building.

project visioning.    presentation.    project management.    strategy. 

team-building.    teamwork.    effective communication.

creative problem solving.     solution-finding.    implementation.

empathy.   listening.    irrational exuberance.


Writing a successful dissertation requires advanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills, a deep understanding of research design and methods, extreme self-motivation, and immense perseverance. It also requires high-level writing, editing, and analysis skills. 


Most importantly, it requires an understanding and mastery of the frontier: the first step in writing a dissertation is to identify and ask a question that has never been asked before.


To do so requires a vast understanding of the field of inquiry, and the willingness to venture into the unknown for answers. 

I bring these skills to every project I encounter. I can conceptualize and execute a multi-year project from scratch, cultivate a coherent story from mountains of data, and translate abstract theory into concrete observations. I see connections everywhere - between ideas, people, and resources, and can help your team connect dots to solve problems. I can also communicate these solutions via conversation, presentation, or written deliverable.

While I am trained in specific subject matter, and can deep-dive into urban planning issues and solutions, my academic experience was purposefully interdisciplinary. I worked closely with a cohort specializing in Public Policy, Public Management/Administration, and Real Estate Development.


In my professional life, I've worked across all sectors, and am well-versed in creative collaboration.


Since I graduated with my PhD, I've been in the weeds with a passion projects around soil health, writing, teaching, and healing. The first six months I was working with a volunteer group-turned non-profit, which required a soup-to-nuts mentality, intense teamwork, round-the-clock communication, and all sorts of creative problem solving. For the last year and a half, I have been working on a book around the same subject matter while traveling the world.  


I'm not afraid to jump in and start doing, whether I'm writing 350 pages, or turning a community group into a legally-recognized entity.


I'm also extensively well-traveled, particularly in Asia, Western Europe, and parts of South America. I welcome international projects, and can navigate unknown territory effectively and with enthusiasm. I'm equipped to work in cities all over the world, and will bring my unique skills and talents to your project, locally or abroad.