a new chapter

In 2013, I wrapped up my dissertation after two years of research and writing, and with it, my PhD in Urban Planning at USC. I had been working on my PhD for six years, with three years of coursework, one year of qualifying, and two years of dissertation writing. Throughout my time at USC, I served as a research and teaching assistant with different professors and research centers. I also launched a writing project, www.mindwithmatter.com, wrote a monthly column with Bamboo Magazine, and worked on The Right to Know, Label GMO campaign in California.

Over the last six months, I've been working on a passion project with a group of friends around soil health, compost, and urban gardening. The non-profit arm of the group is now called Kiss the Ground, and we've raised seed funding to launch our signature campaign: we want to tell The Soil Story.

I'm turning my focus from the core organizational work that I've been doing, to urban policy around compost, starting with Los Angeles. At the same time, I'm directing my attention toward international urban consulting, where I can continue to work on soil health as well as other urban sustainability issues. 

This blog will be a window into my projects and doings in this new chapter. I''ll also share information, resources, and any other goodies related to my work.