Connecting With the Divine Masculine

Originally published on Medium Nov. 7, 2017

The divine feminine doesn’t make any sense without the divine masculine. The balance between the two isn’t exactly about men and women, or about gender of any sort, although it is at the same time.

Because biological females bring souls through our bodies into the world. Sacred? Yes. Esoteric? No. It may sound crazy, but that’s only because of how divorced we are from our own reality.

Let’s get one thing clear. Sex is about so much more than our bodies. It’s about the creative life force of the universe. Every. Time.

We get to honor and protect that space. With integrity. With consistency. With rigor. Sometimes with sacrifice. We don’t get to be small, or play small, or pretend we don’t know what’s been given to us and where our responsibilities lie.

Everything we need to know about everything is already in our bodies. That’s why yoga. That’s why movement. That’s why breath and feeling in and healing work. That’s why sexual healing and trauma therapy. That’s why nature.

The responsibility is monumental and the work is real. When we treat sex and intimacy like a game, we all pay. When we treat women like anything other than the sacred, the masculine distorts itself into a world of entitlement and a mentality of objectification and property.

Here we’ve lost the true connection to land, our bodies, and ourselves.

The divine masculine honors the space. Of transformation, of cycles, of child bearing and child rearing. Of intimacy, sex, birth, life, death, and grief.

We all have both masculine and feminine in our bodies, but in suppressing and disrespecting and harming and denying the feminine, the true masculine in us all has become confused and lost. We’re all off center.

Let’s make one more thing clear. The masculine is not the Patriarchy. The Patriarchy is a lie, long told and currently on full display for all to see, in all its gore and bluster. Understand what is and what is not.

This discussion is about power, but not in the way we normally think of it. Remembering our inherent power, power derived from being in flow, draws it back from these illusionary systems into our bodies and our awareness, where it belongs.

The Patriarchy would have us believe that the way things currently are is the way they always have been and ever will be. So we must be practical and work within the existing systems. Work at the edges. Save for retirement.

But actually, we must remember the most obvious truth, that there’s nothing impractical about the interconnectedness of all things, including ourselves. There’s nothing impractical about fighting for the survival of our species. There’s nothing impractical about eating and shitting and making love and making babies and knowing what that means.

Looking at the world today, the only practical, rational thing to do right now is to remember who the fuck we are and what we are all about.

Going to work every day and saving for “your child’s future” when we have sixty harvests left, and the oceans will be 70 percent more acidic in 35 years, is not exactly practical. Coolness, social climbing, retirement funds, and image may seem as important as ever right now, but we’re hanging on to outdated notions of normalcy as systems built on lies crumble around us.

Charlottesville. Vegas. Texas. Harvey. Irma. Puerto Rico. Northern California. Health care. Taxes. Sexual assault, repression and oppression. Everything is not fine and nothing is normal.

The infinite truth is staring us directly in the face, all day, every day.

So what do we do? As always, we start where we are.

Start a practice. Start a conversation. Start your book. Talk to your partner. Meditate, for a moment, on the creative life force of the universe and all that means. Breathe in. Breathe out. Own your spirituality. Own your voice. Take a step. Take a stand. Hold space for the masculine. Hold space for the feminine. Stop playing around the edges.

Every bit of power we take back matters.