30 days of abundance // day 22: why I like to drink beer while doing yoga

I love beer, and I love yoga, and the two together make a sweet sweet symphony. and of course there's something about the irreverence of the whole thing. one of the things that I really love about my practice is that


I'm not a yoga purist.


to me, yoga is not about standing on my head. it's not about being pious. and it's definitely not about being superior. if anything, it's about being real. it's about authentically inhabiting my body. it's about having a safe place to return to when the world knocks me on my ass. it's about knowing my value and knowing my truth. 

anyone who has met me knows I'm not really an anything purist. I wasn't an academic purist or a sustainability purist or whateverthehell. you'll also notice that I have a strong affection for swear words. I love to sleep. and I love to party. I love to work hard. I love to try new things and take risks.


and I'm not sorry.


some of these things turn some people off, and that's ok. they're not my people. for me, living on my own terms is good for my health. it is, in fact, possible to build a small business and talk about the heart chakra and the importance of not giving a shit all at the same time. thinking differently is how I solve problems. prioritizing differently is how I manage to do all sorts of things that many people don't do. it also means I don't do all sorts of things that many people do. which is neither here nor there, it just happens to be my style. 


my dad once said, "you need to get your priorities straight." I said, "my priorities are straight, they're just different from yours."


I'm stoked that I trained with someone who had studied and done all the yoga, and teaches a philosophy of "whatever works." whatever works for you, your body, your life. it's why I teach from a place of figuring out what works for you. and I live from a place of figuring out what works for me.

I say, show up and do your best. fuck expectations.


at the end of the day you have only your own integrity to answer to, and you'll know whether or not you showed up, whatever it looked like to anyone else.